The Value of Maintenance and Our Multi-Year Renewal Program

Joe Stevens, Acuity VP of Operations, breaks down maintenance and how to mitigate some of the cost.

If you’re reading this you found the title of the post interesting which means either staying current on maintenance is important to you or renewing maintenance is a pain for you.  My guess is that your first impression of software maintenance as a whole is that it's a rip off, or maybe a scheme.  You recently spent a great deal of money to purchase a software program for your business and now you are required to pay to have it maintained.  First, I'd like to dispel this myth.

If you’re paying software maintenance then you’ve purchased a seat or more of licensed software which is an important part of your business and an asset to your organization.  Maintenance programs were developed due to the nature of evolving needs.  The software you purchased contains current features that you found valuable so you bought it.  But like the nature of the work you do or products you sell, new features or programs are requested so the products or services evolve to meet those needs and add value to your offerings.  

Software is no different. New features are added regularly to meet the growing needs and requests of the users and those features add value to the software. In addition, maintaining, servicing and growing the software platform requires resources which incurs costs.  Logically, the alternative is to purchase software in which the features are static and if you require more from that tool later you, would simply purchase new software and shelve the first purchase. This doesn’t make sense for a lot of users.

So you’ve committed to renewing software maintenance on a regular basis. This means you understand the worth but you’re renewing sometimes at increasing rates.  Maintenance costs rise regularly with the increase in resource needs and growing services requirements.  The costs are already a burden on top of dealing with your own cash flow issues and increasing costs.  

"We work closely with a leasing partner named Complete Capital Services. They will work with any renewal total at or over $10,000 to build a lease program and help you realize these costs over an extended period."

Joe Stevens, VP Operations

So… here’s my pitch as you knew you weren’t reading this without a catch:  

We are currently offering our customers a maintenance renewal program with two features.  


Renew for one of the below multi-year programs and save money on yearly increasing costs in addition to a major discount on the total renewal where the total amount is paid up front.

  • 2-year renewals get 6% discount off of the total renewal
  • 3-year renewals get 12% discount off of the total renewal
  • 4-year renewals get 18% discount off of the total renewal


If you are saying you can’t afford this, we have a solution. We work closely with a leasing partner named Complete Capital Services. They will work with any renewal total at or over $10,000 to build a lease program and help you realize these costs over an extended period.  Monthly, quarterly or graduated payment structures with 0% options are available. This will take the burden off your cash flow in the long run and save you a good deal of money on maintenance. 

If this interests you please contact your territory manager at Acuity, email us at info@acuityinc.com or drop us a line below.


Joe Stevens, VP Operations

Lindsay Trina