Acu Machine Evaluation Sm

CNC Machine Evaluation & Consultation

A CNC machine tool is a significant investment for any business. Even after purchase, a great deal of time and resources need to be spent on configuration and implementation — both skills that may be outside a typical manufacturer’s expertise. Plus, improvements in your technology can lead to other opportunities that a shop manager might miss.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here to support your decision makers. We can reduce uncertainty by creating an objective framework for evaluation, and can help manage risk when writing proposals. We understand the requirements for successful machine tool implementation start to finish.  

We can lend a hand with:

  • Recommending control features consistent with your goals.
  • Specifying requirements for a post processor to support the machine.
  • Listing CAM system outputs required to support the machine — we’ll even identify missing capabilities in the programming department.
  • Evaluating the tool builder’s proposal, and recommending changes or additions to reduce risk. These can include missing performance specifications, documentation, service commitments, project milestones or training. In some cases, these costs may shift to the builder.
  • Evaluating cycle time plans for individual parts to ensure they support the implementation goals. This can include machine control features, datum management and operator training.
  • If multiple machines are being evaluated, we can streamline decision making by prioritizing information and providing useful support materials.