How eero uses NX CAD to deliver seamless whole-home WiFi.

Eero is the world’s first whole-home WiFi system that delivers hyper fast, super secure WiFi to every room in your home. The system harnesses mesh technology, using multiple routers to create a single, seamless WiFi experience. Eero’s first-gen product was released in 2016 and their second-gen product debuted in 2017.

Engineers designed the sleek systems with an eye for both cosmetic and functional requirements, including shape, size, electrical components, antenna performance, safety and more. To get the job done, they used NX for all of their CAD needs.

“There’s a little bit of bias because most of us came from Apple, and we were brought up on NX CAD,” said Kliulai Chow-Yee, product design engineer with eero. “We use the software for brainstorming, prototyping one-off designs, PCB design, all of our 3D drawings — basically all of our work.”

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“We use NX CAD for brainstorming, prototyping one-off designs, PCB design, all of our 3D drawings – basically all of our work.”


Siemens’ software is ideal for start-up tech companies with smart, exciting products. “While other CAD programs claim to be scalable, Siemens really has the whole PLM toolbox for companies — from day one through the maturity of a company,” said Acuity Account Executive Sarah Majors.

“Our partnership with Acuity has been amazing,” said Chow-Yee. “Their application engineers are reliable and incredibly responsive. Ron from Acuity is our NX guru — he knows everything. From very obscure CAD issues, to getting our keyboard shortcuts set up, he’s always a video chat or screen share away to walk us through it.”

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The team relies on features like synchronized modeling, which isn’t available with most software, to work collaboratively on each project. They also use NX PCB.xchange, a design interface that facilitates streamlined collaboration between the mechanical and electrical design teams.

“PCB.xchange allows us to translate 3D information to our electrical engineering team that only works in 2D,” Chow-Yee said. “This has really changed the way we work. I can’t imagine building our gen 3 product without it.”

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NX CAD is a product design solution that covers a wide range of development disciplines — from concept to simulation to visualization — and can help reduce development time by 30 percent. Unlike CAD-only or closed enterprise solutions, NX CAD offers the highest level of integration between development disciplines in an open, collaborative environment.